Monday, December 31, 2012

COLD REMAINS by Sally Spedding_Review

Review of Cold Remains by Sally Spedding
5 stars

“Cold Remains” is my introduction to the novels of Sally Spedding, and now I am determined to find and read more. This is a novel that will not surrender its hold on my mind. The storyline is brutal, violent, abusive; yet compelling, riveting, intriguing. I found myself frequently with jaw dropped at the hubris and arrogance and conceit of many of the characters, and simultaneously cheering on “the good guys,” Helen and Jason and Bestsan and Gwylim and others. Yes, there are really good guys (and women) on the police departments here also; just as there is real present evil in all walks of life. Like turning over a stone and finding maggot-ridden meat, this novel turns over the facades of upscale life (and those in poverty as well) and uncovers the good and the evil concealed within.

Circling around Heron House in rural Wales, present and past, is a conglomeration of individuals, very few of whom tell the truth, or even are honest about their identities and purposes. Formerly the home of a wealthy judge, Heron House is now “run” by Monty Flynn, supposedly a best-selling writer, and the weirdest pair of servants since-well, at least since Daphne du Maurier’s “Mrs. Danvers.” Helen, art graduate, is hired to cook, and Jason is the first of several prospective authors-to-be. What they find is the most complex, incredible, yet realistic Gordian knot I’ve read of in a very long time-if ever.

I received an e-book copy via NetGalley in return for my fair and impartial review.

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