Monday, December 31, 2012


Review of Walking with Zombies by Ian Woodhead
(Zombie Armageddon #2)
5 Stars
I’ve read enough of Mr. Woodhead’s prolific Zombie novels to know two things: Mr. Woodhead, like his devoted fan base, loves Zombies and Zombiefication; and second, Mr. Woodhead’s Zombies are special. Not for him only the brainless, mindless, braincrunching dead creatures to which most of us attribute the Zombie appellation. No, some of the characters here are not just “brainy,” they’re thinkers-planners-logical-and even gifted. We’ve got a guy here, a really despicable, dislikable character in life, a domestic abuser, a kneebreaker, violent, irritable, but a snappy dresser—who gets “turned” and comes back as a new “breed,” one whose bites makes thinkers, euphoric, with actual mental telepathy! Now I’ve NEVER seen that anywhere in the various venues of Zombieland; but it sure is fun! And so is the subtle humour underlying the entire story. Maybe it’s not politically correct to chuckle throughout a Zombie novel-but this reader surely did so.

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