Monday, December 31, 2012

ODDKINS by Dean Koontz_Review

 Review of Oddkins by Dean Koontz
5 stars

What a delightful tale! Suitable in my opinion for almost all ages, beginning with middle graders on up (although emotionally mature elementary age children who are not scared of the monsters under the bed may enjoy it). “Uncle Isaac,” Isaac Bodkins, toymaker, has created a magical (literally) selection of toys; no, not all his toys, not even the majority. Just some-and these toys are exceptional-for they are designed, each one, to guide a child through the early years, a child who if kept on a positive and light-filled path, will become an adult important in changing the world. If the child is not guided by one of the magically-animated Oddkins, that child’s purpose will go unfulfilled, and the world will be a darker place for it. But “Uncle Isaac” passes away sooner than expected, before he has time to persuade city toymaker Colleen Shannon to take his place, and the evil toys hidden away in the subcellar below the cellar, those toys constructed by Charon Toys, intend to take over instead: and to make the lives of very many children extremely miserable for a very long time. Only the Oddkins can stop this; but can they prevail against evil?

I received an e-book copy in return for my fair and impartial review.
Reviewed for GMTA.

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