Thursday, December 6, 2012

Colonization - Aubrie Dionne

Colonization - Volume 1 Paradise Reclaimed – Aubrie Dionne (Review by Kenn Jordan)

In this Sci-fi novel, the romance portion sneaks up on you before you have the chance to realize it’s a romance novel. This is Volume 1 of the Paradise Reclaimed series and I feel it’s an excellent way to start the series.

Andromeda, “Annie”, is a member of the 8th generation on the colony ship New Dawn. Earth’s sun was failing and the residents constructed 21 of these ships to continue the human race. Each ship headed to a different world with the hopes that one would survive and thrive into a new civilization.

Annie lives life hoping that things will continue on as they have. She prays they never reach Paradise 21. She enjoys the life she has lived with her best friend, Sirius. Annie dreads the finality of Paradise 21. Each generation has lived by ‘The Guide’, a computer program that assigns everyone what they need to continue surviving. When they arrive at Paradise 21, the Guide will assign Annie a job and a life mate. She fears she will fail her school tests and get a low level job, and she dreams that she gets Sirius as a mate. She decides her job as a Species Integration Specialist isn’t so bad, but her mate is Corvus, someone she has always referred to as ‘the oaf’.

She begs her grandfather to change her mate but he refuses. While trying to do her best to cope with the situation she has been forced into she starts to see alien life forms, but the catch is she’s the only one that can see them and no one else believes her. After being frightened out of her mind several times by the encounters she realizes they are trying to tell her something.

Soon the head of security is found in a coma and all Annie’s focus is bent on trying to find the cause of his coma. She wants to prove to everyone she can do her job as she tries to make up for what she considers recent failures. After the head of security dies from an alien virus Annie finally discovers her true gift.

The character development in this book is true to life as the plot twists and turns in the final chapters. During her experiences on Paradise 21 and living the role she has been forced into Annie finally realizes where she belongs. But is it too late? Will Annie be able to do what her grandmother told her she was destined for? Has her determination and resolve grown enough for her to save the colony? What will happen to her if all of her new dreams come true? What if they don’t?

The story is an action packed plot with enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. As all of the plot lines are finished with the ending of the book I am not quite sure where the next volume will go, but I do know I can’t wait for it to come out and find out how Paradise 21 is treating Annie. Or should I say how Annie is treating Paradise 21?

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