Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hounded - Kevin Hearne

Hounded - Kevin Hearne (Reveiw by Kenn Jordan)

This is the first book in the Iron Druid Chronicles and I would say its shaping up to be a wonderful Fantasy Fiction series. I would say there is not a lot of character development, but the action and the twists and turns in the plot more than make up for it in this readers opinion.

Atticus O’Sullivan, a seemingly college-aged man running an occult book store, is really a 2100 year old druid; the last druid to be exact. Atticus, being a druid and deriving his powers from the tattoos on his body connecting him to the earth, hasn’t had an affinity for witches since his friend was killed by one early in his life.

Atticus he has been chased by the god of love – Aenghus Óg. Aenghus wants a sword that he claims Atticus stole sometime around 150 A.D. Since this time Atticus has been chased by different creatures ranging from Faeries to Demons, each unsuccessful in their attempts to kill him and retrieve the fabled sword Fragarach, ‘the Answerer’. The latest attempt by 5 Fae happened outside his shop.

After learning from the Gods (yes they are real…. ALL of them) that he has once again been found and Aenghus is on his way, Atticus decides 2000 years of running has been enough. Enlisting the help of his Lawyers, the werewolf and the vampire, Atticus makes a plan to finally rid himself of the god of love; however in doing so he also unwittingly enters into a pact with the local witch coven.

Nothing goes to plan, as usual, and his wolf lawyer and his faithful Wolfhound Oberon are kidnapped by the head witch and held for ransom, only to be exchanged for the sword. The queen of the Druidic gods and the queen of the hunt each visit Atticus in turn promising him assistance and gifts to defeat Aenghus. In his travels around town setting things in motion, he gets an offer from a witch with split personalities, one a long dead Indian witch, the other a young girl anxious to become an apprentice Druid.

The book is full of action, cover to cover and twists and turns in the plot keeps the story extremely interesting. You will have to read to find out if Atticus’ plans work or if the god of love will finally get his revenge. However the best laid plans of Druids never take into account the deceit cloaked in the honeyed words of beautiful goddesses.

My biggest question at the end of this magical tale still remains unanswered. How soon can I make it to the store to purchase Hexed, the second volume in the Iron Druid Chronicles?

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