Sunday, December 9, 2012

DARK HALO by Christopher Kokowski_Review

Review of Dark Halo
5 stars
This was a really surprising book. By the lovely cover art, I assumed there would be an angel involved. The surprise is that the novel is remarkably multi-layered. It’s not “just” a paranormal. There’s mystery, suspense, romance, heartbreak, life, death, angels, demons, Satanists, friends, neighbours, strangers, wise individuals, shallow individuals, and more. Certainly it is far more than I expected going in; in some senses, this story is about “angelic evolution.” (Or perhaps, “angelic devolution.”) Yes, Constant Readers, our characters do encounter what the Angel calls “the devil’s army,” but it sure is nothing like we’ve been led to expect.  Yes-the Spiritual battle is ongoing, but the surprise is, it happens frequently, and it’s not just in the Heavens, but right here on this planet, and behold, there occur fatalities. In any event, I raced through it in one sitting; it’s that intriguing. My heart stayed in my throat the entire time, because I just never knew in advance what would happen next, and who would live or die. So go get this one. This is a stand-alone novel, but it would be wonderful as the first in a series, because the imaginative reader wants to go on with the story.

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