Sunday, December 9, 2012

MY HERO IS MY MONSTER by June Spears_Review

Review of My Hero is My Monster by June Spears
Reviewed for Goodreads Group Making Connections
5 Stars

A terribly sad story and one which will make the reader furious, not at the narrator, but at both her parents (and secondarily, at other authority figures such as teachers, who failed to identify the signs, before she was removed from public schooling), “My Hero is My Monster” is related by a woman whose seemingly unending torture at the hands of her father began at age four. Not only did her mother live in denial, she was actually both aware and insisting that her daughter take such an ugly role that no child should ever have to even know of, let alone bear. The story is written in first person, and is very compelling. It will linger in readers’ memories for a long, long time; but if it helps to identify even one little girl (or boy) who is suffering, and to get them help, it will be worth it.

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