Monday, December 10, 2012

Greeeetings readers/authors!!

    Just finished reading Rise of Hope by Kaily Hart
published by Carina Press in August of 2012
ISBN 978-14268-9426-8
     A Paranormal Romance novel with a snippet of bent and twisted.
I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. This author did a fabulous job in sucking you into the harsh reality and anguish that Devon went through. I went from smiles and laughter to crying and angry to over joyed with a heck ya!!! Cherring and whoot woot! while fanning myself when things got intense. This book, I think, has just the right combination of elements that most readers want. Its not overly done or lacking anything  and I am very happy I have found another author to keep watching. I can't wait to read more from her. Not sure how she does it with 4 kids but... I am so very pleased she does.

This magical world has the hot moments splashed with paranormal and super abilities and a fight for your life. This is indeed a fabulous read. Very pleased I got the chane to read it and will recommend it to all my friends. As the story starts to unfold you find yourself worried for Devon and Seth and cherring them on every step. The bent and twisted minds of the captors are amazing and well thought out. Gave me chills. I stand and give you applause my lady. You sure brought it out in this one.

Cannot wait to read more of your books if this is just the beginning of what you are capable of.
~~~Happy Reading~~~
From Tammy @ GreatMindsThinkAloud, Reader, Reviewer

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