Tuesday, December 11, 2012

THE LIGHTNING FILE by Eric Wright_Review

Review of The Lightning File by Eric Wright
5 stars

I reviewed an e-book copy provided to me by the author via the Goodreads Group Making Connections, in return for my fair and impartial review.

This book inspires a “WOW”! From the reader-hooking first sentence right on to the very final sentence, I was spun in a particle reactor of thrill, suspense, terrorism, character, marriage, religion (Christianity and Islam, as well as the third perspective of agnosticisim), secrecy, governmental agencies, murder-a riveting melting pot that is so well-written, I expected it to be the work of an author who had already published many novels. I found not one fault with this book; I read it in a period of several hours and didn’t even notice time passing.

Joshua Radley is the kind of workaholic who can almost be forgiven, a man who becomes so very absorbed in his reporting that he really doesn’t know the passage of time, and forgets about his wife and two adult offspring. Josh is a reporter in Toronto who more than almost anything wants to do award-winning investigative reporting, and he thinks he’s found the track when he begins to uncover what appears to be a link in drug-running and potential terrorism. He’s on the track, all right, a track that could very possibly lead to his death and those of many hundreds of others. In the meantime, his wife has insisted on a separation (at Easter!), his religious faith is, if not actually crumbling, definitely on the back burner, and he meets a Canadian National Health psychiatrist whose native land is Pakistan, where Josh was born and grew up as the son of missionary parents. She is way too tempting, and the situation escalates when he finds and buys the home of his dreams, an isolated lake cabin not far from her farmhouse. Meanwhile, those he suspects of terrorism are escalating their endeavours, and the noose around Josh is tightening too. Danger looms, for Josh and his loved ones, and also for the unsuspecting Canadian and American populace.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookselling outlet and acquire this book.

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