Sunday, December 23, 2012


Review of The Endlands #2
5 stars

Can I borrow the trite statement “something for everyone”? This anthology of 16 stories goes that one better: I believe each story is for everyone. Literate, involving, riveting, and dramatic: the horror just rolls on, and with it, it brings some sci-fi, some mythology, some metaphysical; but every single story is a treasure and deserves a wide readership. These stories are not tossed-off, hurriedly-done entries; they are well-thought-out, articulate, and the kind of reading that will not quickly say goodbye and go home; rather, each lingers in the mind, sneaking into the reader’s thoughts to say, “hey, did you forget about me?”

If you’re familiar with these authors, then you already know how good they can be. If they’re new to you, what a fine introduction to their writings this anthology will be. I find that is one of the best reasons for reading an anthology: I always discover authors new to me, and sometimes am reminded of former favourites I had overlooked.

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