Thursday, December 20, 2012

THE RETURN by Carter Vance_Review

Review of The Return by Carter Vance
4 stars

Readers who enjoyed “The Da Vinci Code” and its sequels, and readers of Baigent and Lincoln’s “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” (of which I am one) will really benefit from author Carter Vance’s “The Return.” Mr. Vance takes the traditional “what if” question and spins it on its head. What if: the “Holy Grail” isn’t just a chalice? “What if” there is a human bloodline of descendants of the Christ? “What if” the Knights Templar WEREN’T dissolved after the torture and execution of Jacques de Molay, purportedly last Grand Master”? “What if” the Templars continued to exist, in secret, right up to the present day, masters of a vast horde of funds? “What if” an entity existed in opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and to all forces of good?

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, Constant Readers, consider yourselves jaded. If it does, by all means, get “The Return” and learn the answers to these and other pressing questions.

I reviewed an e-book copy provided by the author in return for my fair and impartial review.

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