Saturday, January 12, 2013

FIREFLY HOLLOW by T. L. Haddix_Review

Review of Firefly Hollow  by T. L. Haddix
Red Adept Publishing
5 stars

       Ms. Haddix states that her goal in writing is to bring out a side of her native Appalachia that most people don’t see or understand, and that goal is certainly achieved in “Firefly Hollow,” a warm, relaxing, appealing, and comfy story, one which gladdens the reader’s heart and provides sufficient scenic depth, romance, familial love and strife, and small-community insularity to satisfy readers, and then linger on in the mind.

       Sarah has a very popular older sister, who is everything Sarah doesn’t seem to be. Sarah also has a reclusive neighbor Owen, who is most definitely NOT like other people. Owen, who lives quietly in the family homestead on the remote mountain, is a shapeshifter-and has not one, but two forms. Owen falls for Sarah, Sarah for Owen, but of course life has to throw in obstacles to be overcome—if possible.

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