Saturday, January 12, 2013


Review of Perfection Unleashed by Jade Kerrion
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5 stars
Double Helix Book 1

“Perfection Unleashed” is an astonishingly adventurous and fast-paced thriller, paranormal in the sense that many of the characters are what consensus reality considers “beyond normal,” scientific in the sense that much of what occurs in this story line is the result of rampant genetic manipulation and genetic engineering, from the quest to discover and “create” the Perfect Human, which of course creates a whole number of mutations and abominations along that path. Trial and error alone ensures that some mistakes are going to occur, and in this novel, some of those mistakes are literally monstrous.

I could not put this book aside, literally. It is so rapid-paced, so non-stop adventurous, that I found it both totally absorbing and an absolute delight to read, and am so looking forward to the next two books in the series. Author Jade Kerrion has a special touch and she definitely puts it to excellent effect in “Perfection Unleashed.”

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