Friday, January 18, 2013

"Liesl & Po" by Lauren Oliver

Publisher: Harper
Ages: 8-12
Rating: 5

What a supremely imaginative, delightful story! It is very rare that you come across full length novels that remind you of stories you remember as a child. For me, "Leisl & Po" is one of those stories that will live on in your memory for years to come.

After reading the book and Lauren Oliver's reasons for having written it, I have to say with as much loss as I have suffered of my own over the years, this book most certainly holds a place in my heart and always will. "Leisl & Po" is not just an exciting adventure but a book that gives one hope for a life beyond the existence we currently live in, while simultaneously providing hope that no matter how harsh this life can seem that there is still magic to be found if only we believe.

My recommendation of this book comes extremely high, and I hope both young and old will obtain a copy and come to treasure it as well.

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