Monday, January 21, 2013

THE DARKENING DREAM by Andy Gavin_Review

Review of The Darkening Dream by Andy Gavin
5 stars

“The Darkening Dream” is a far more complex book than I expected, and joyfully so. I raced through it, unable to put it aside till I’d finish, then ended it asking for a sequel! I truly hope there will be one. So many layers of different metaphysical possibilities and realities exist in this story that any reader of the paranormal of almost any stripe will find something to latch on to (except maybe werewolf lovers LOL). There are vampires, ancient entities, Judaism, Christianity, Archangels, Ceremonial Magick; characters who are purely evil (both in life and in death), those who are purely good, and of course, those who have tendencies to both good and evil and must constantly make the decision at any moment as to which path to trod.

In Salem, Massachusetts, in 1913 (yes, Constant Readers, THAT Salem), life is fairly smooth but an immigration problem is developing: vampires from North Africa, Egypt, and Turkey. They’re all after one supremely holy object: the shofar or horn of the Archangel Gabriel, and information has directed them to Salem, to the home of a Jewish professor and former rabbi. They haven’t bargained on this man’s holy character, nor the strength of will of his daughter Sarah.

“The Darkening Dream” is a satisfying read on so many levels: metaphysical, Spiritual, magickal, personal, developing love, relationship, sibling strength and rivalry, and much, much more. Any reader who enjoys purely good fiction owes it to herself or himself to pick this one up and give it the time it deserves.

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