Saturday, February 16, 2013

ONCE by James Herbert_Review

Review of Once by James Herbert
5 Stars

Going in, I sort of expected a horror story, because that is the genre for which Mr. Herbert is so well-known. Instead,  I found a very realistic and believable contemporary fairy tale, myth and legend come to vibrant life in the English  countryside. Thom Kindred, product of a single mother, was raised till age ten in the cottage called “Little Bracken,” on the estate of Sir Russell Bleeth, whose son was tutored by Thom’s mother. She died when Thom was ten, and Sir Russell paid for his boarding school from then on out. Now at twenty-seven, four months after a stroke, Thom returns to Little Bracken for a time of recuperation. It is also the catalyst for his eyes to be opened, quite literally as well as metaphorically, as he re-discovers the unseen world that lies only a veil apart from our own, the world of Fae. 

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