Saturday, February 16, 2013

SEASON OF THE WOLF by Jeffrey J. Mariotte_Review

Review of Season of the Wolf by Jeffrey J Mariotte
5 stars

“Season of the Wolf” is a terrifying horror novel with that very implacability that makes horror good: the no-escape possible, Juggernaut quality of the Predator. In this case, the predator is very unexpected, and is constantly denied—the “it can’t happen here” mindset is firmly in place, both among the residents of this tiny Rocky Mountain community, and among the authorities—the State Department of Game, the Governor, and so forth. The basic premise is a visit by a crew of independent filmmakers (one of whom is heir to a coal-mining fortune) to discover, and record, aspects of climate change as seen in the scenic backdrop of the Rockies. They do encounter climate change, all right, and in a fashion that is similar to the trepidations of Neanderthal man, faced with implacable animal predators.

If you enjoy your horror in the kind that grabs you by the throat and spine, and never lets go; if you enjoy “I told you so” in your fiction, if you enjoy well-developed chatracters and a non-stop plot--run, don’t walk to read “Season of the Wolf.”

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