Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Piper LeVine, a Gypsy's Truth By Eris Kelli

Author: Eris Kelli
Published By: Libertine Press
Age Recommended: YA
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"Piper LeVine, a Gypsy's Truth" by Eris Kelli was a paranormal fantasy fiction read that once you start reading you will be truly hooked into this wonderful storyline. This story was of a girl...who was senator's daughter that was not treated very well by him....finding out that her mother she thought she knew was not her birth mother had left to live with Grandma Sidney. From a very social life to a story of werewolves and vampires....and guess who was a gypsy...Piper, (YES) who would soon find out she was the 'heir to become Queen of the Gypsies' and even later 'Queen of the Vampire Community.' Again, with all in this storyline that is going on ....there is even a YA 'love triangle' dealing with Piper(Kellan), Nicholas, and Toryn which will present a lots of 'jealousy fear, heartache, confusion, much anger, and solving mysteries' in this twisted novel. Now, that I have your attention I will say to truly understand
just what all is going on in in this read "Piper LeVine, a Gypsy's Truth" you must pick up the excellent read to find out how this story will come out with Piper having to make a decision of her life. I found the characters were all simply
off the chart well developed making this novel a very captivating read from
Piper, Nicholas, Toryn, Brynn, Daniel,Duncan,Donnell, Seraph, Benzea, Rich,
Marime, Harold, Madric, Trina, Grandma Sidney, Barthow, Adriel, Morgan Castlerock, Cayden to a few more that I left for you to find. What all this young woman(Piper) had to go through was really very interesting how this author did such a wonderful job in portraying all of the different emotions through all of this...only leaving me to say what a read and saying I am ready for the next sequel.

If you are looking for a well written read that will keep you captivated then this
paranormal fantasy fiction is recommended as a excellent thriller read for you.

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