Tuesday, February 5, 2013

WHERE THE DEAD TALK by Ken Davis_Review

Review of Where the Dead Talk by Ken Davis
5 stars

A riveting and terrifying horror novel, “Where the Dead Talk” kept my attention and interest from beginning to end as I raced through it. Mr. Davis’ horrors are different, and very horrifying. It all revolves around the lake near the village of West Bradhill in pre-Revolutionary New England, a lake which is more than just “haunted.” Whatever rests beneath that lake surely is older than even the indigenous tribes formerly of the area. I also greatly enjoyed the historic detail, as a former history major and aficionado of all things history: the events of the story take place at a time somewhat earlier than the Boston Tea Party, and include a village determined on “rebellion,” or as they consider it, “patriotism.” A freedman who owns the tavern, a minister who suffers apparently from what could quite possibly be either epilepsy or paranoid schizophrenia, townsfolk who assume the sight of one British officer means the town is surrounded; and the unending, seemingly non-stoppable, and implacable horror of The Dead, whose appetite knows no bounds.

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