Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Emma By: Debbie Brown

Author: Debbie Brown
Published by: Mythos Press
Age Recommended: YA - Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"Emma" by Debbie Brown was so cute romantic fantasy read that was enjoyable. I liked the details used that this author presented to us in this wonderful novel. "Emma" moved smoothly going from the real into the fantasy and back and forth. We find Emma, a nurse and teacher had not been home for five years. Why? Her parents had been dead for five years due to a horrible flying accident. Now, Emma is back where she had been raised on a ranch. Emma had thought of selling but after arriving back at the farm, she thought again about not selling it. Was she leaving really leaving the city? Two Feathers who was a shaman, had been keeping the farm up for her over these pasted five years. Would she sell this farm? Two Feathers had said to her "In the end, it doesn't matter where you live, As long as you are truly alive" and Emma now really was feeling quite different ....she was alive with her horses, cow, chickens and dog, Bo. Emma had told her roommates (Renata and Maggie) that she would sell her place while taking a rest from her nursing and teaching.
However, Emma was feeling so alive she worked a few days for the Doctor William Westerman(as a nurse) while she took care of her farm place, with some help from 'Two Feather.' But things will not stay the same for Emma...while on a ride on 'Ruby' one evening he finds a John Doe...was he a alien, 'military test pilot, a star brother (due to his coming from the sky like he had done)? He had amethyst colored eyes...only to find out out later his name was Dthau Mahsz which Emma had pronounced Thomas until he told her better. We find out Dthau Mahaz's people were from the first planet the forefathers had seeded in the galaxy. "Then I guess he had left the city too." Now we find Emma being a nurse was taking good care of this alien with amethyst eyes..was she beginning to have some feelings for him? Now, this is where I will stop and let you pick up this well written story and see where all the author will take the reader. Be prepared for many thing to come upon Emma. Will she loose her friendship for not telling all to her friends the truth about this man? Will this Mdthau Mahaz have feeling for Emma? Will there be a time where Emma will have to choose to where she wants to live? This and so many other questions will be answered as you continue reading this novel that will only leave you wanting more.  Get ready for a interesting ending!

I found the character were all so well captivating and I love their names: Emma, Two Feathers, Dthau Mahsz, Maggie, Renta, Grey Wolf, Mathezar, Belek, Trenika, Ilya, to Tommy only making this a excellent read.

"Emma" was a beautiful enjoyable novel that was definitely a page turner. If you are interested in a good sweet fantasy you will want to read "Emma" and YES, I would recommend this read to you.

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