Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Review of Mulogo’s Treatise on Wizardry by Joseph J. Bailey
5 stars

I reviewed a complimentary e-book copy provided in return for my fair and impartial review.

I’m kind of pleased that I don’t have to know Wizard Mulogo in real life; after 3,000 plus years of life, the man is a little-well, egotistical. He does, however, in some cases know his stuff (he masquerades as a confectioner in order to avoid adventuring mobs seeking plunder) and his conceit, when backdropped by his scribe’s footnoted humour, is laugh-out-loud tongue-in-cheek droll. So, if you really want to learn to be a wizard, you might do better to try another grimoire; but if you want to chuckle over those long-set-in-stone conventions of the fantasy genre, role-playing games, and other such appurtenances, then grab up Mulogo’s Treatise on Wizardry (with its longer extended title) and laugh right along. Personally, although I’m not planning on taking up wizardry nor a three-millenium life, I am anticipating Author Bailey’s next tome.

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