Thursday, March 14, 2013

Haunted People by Hans Holzer (Review by Gayle Pace)

by Hans Holzer

Hans Holzer is a paranormal expert who investigates the strangest of strange cases of possession.  Possession is the disturbing and rare instances when a ghost is attached to a living person.

When a ghost is not ready to pass on to the next stage, it inhabits a living person.  Professor Hans Holzer  investigates these phenomenon. Haunted houses and places are far more common than living people being attached by ghosts., but it does happen.   HAUNTED PEOPLE by Dr. Holzer PD.D. is scientifically investigated. Dr. Holzer is one of the best in paranormal psychology. He writes in terms that a normal person can understand. He includes pictures for a more realistic view. The pictures make you feel that you are in some way attached to the experience.. The author also writes about the house possessed by demons known as the Amityville Horror.  He took a medium with him and took pictures inside and outside of the house. A man is in jail not knowing why he killed his family The Professor and the medium try to supply answers to the many questions as to why?
You may begin to wonder if some of those odd noises, strange side shadows or that little odd feeling  is just your imagination or could your house be haunted or worse yet, do you have a ghost using you as a host.?
If you love suspense, the paranormal, things that go bump in the night, you'll love this book.  One GREAT read.
The author shows himself to be very courageous, quite proficient in what he does and has a twinge of compassion.   I'd recommend this book to anyone that BELIEVES just a little, maybe even if you are riding the fence.  Pick up a copy and add a little ambiance (stormy night, alone in a big house) and go for it.  It may make a believer out of you.  
 I'd give this book 4.5 RAVENS 

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