Friday, March 15, 2013

PHOENIX ANGEL (Shardwell #1)_Review

Review of Phoenix Angel (Shardwell #1)

A Surprisingly gifted and deeper-than-usual YA novel, “Phoenix Angel” starts out with real-life issues, not just the ordinary routine high-school-drama; and then weaves in superhuman talents, unexpected and sometimes unwelcome. Maggie and Lily have a beautiful, to-be-wished-for, lifelong friendship, unbreakable and sturdy. Maggie and the new student Kyle find love at first sight is stunning, not-to-be-imagined, and not to mention, it brings on otherworldly incursions as well. Even Kyle and Lily have a first-time encounter which is at earthquake magnitude.

Everything about this story: characters, plotting, events—is somehow more-than which is what made the book so intriguing to me. Where I was expecting routine YA urban fantasy, what I found was a whole lot more, and an encouragement to hurry-up-and-wait for the next installment. 

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