Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Fourth Conspirator By: Barry S. Willdorf

Author: Barry S. Willdorf
Published by: Whiskey Creek Press
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"The Fourth Conspirator" by Barry S. Willdorf was a very interesting trilogy read that only this author can give its reader. You will be taken in many different directions that this author gives us a action packed read. "The Fourth Conspirator" will explores not only the relationship but also their personal
history of both of this family that will be of the 'Spanish Inquisition...as we
find Christina telling us a story and what a story it is. Nate Lewis(Christina's husband) is a attorney who is representing a man who has shot and killed a person who was stealing his marijuana garden. Now, what will be instore for Nate in building this defense case? Be ready for many twist and turns that will come in the discovery of a California wine making relatives in California...and we find Christina...is wanting to get pregnant, for her mothers sake? What was the big secret about them being Catholic? In the read we find that Christina has taken over public relations for their cousins 'Medocino winery' and is now pregnant. Does Christina have her hands full due to the fact that we find out that her father has ....well I will stop here and if you are still wondering about what this read is all about....this is the part that I say you must pick up "The Fourth Conspirator" to see the what, how, when and where to it all as this author brings us such a intriguing read. This will be one of those reads that you will not put down until the end due to the fact that you are kept wanting to see what will go on next because there will be some surprises.

"The Fourth Conspirator" was a novel not just about murder, a winery but a couple having some issues such as trust, honesty and truth that only they could come to terms with. Would I recommend "The Fourth Conspirator?"...YES!

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