Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GREENHORN by Anna Olswanger_Review

Review of Greenhorn by Anna Olswanger
5 stars

“Greenhorn” ought to be read by every reader, from middle grades on up to the most elder. Bringing vividly to the page the unmitigated horrors and tragedies of the Holocaust, “Greenhorn” also values friendship, religion, and yes, family values. Learn what a strong character is young Daniel, the orphan boy from Poland, who holds on to all he has of his lineage; and is Aaron, son of a rabbi, who despite the difficulty of his persistent stutter, stands up for the boy he wishes to befriend, even in the face of bullying and insults and contempt.

Author Anna Olswanger has written a story that is both heartwrenching and heartwarming, based on actual events and real life personages, as she explains in the Afterword. This is not a story I’m ever going to forget.
Readers may continue to explore the events and personalities of “Greenhorn” with the free Discussion Guide for families and the free classroom guide for teachers, found on the publisher’s site at:
Be sure to read the author’s magazine piece at: , and above all, buy, read, and remember “Greenhorn.”

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