Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Pleasures of Men By: Kate Williams

Author: Kate Williams
Published by: Penguin Books Ltd
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


"The Pleasures of Men" by Kate Williams was a novel of thriller, mystery, suspense, murder and even some 'Victorian' historical fiction all rolled up into one. To say that this novel was interesting...I would say, yes but a also strange and dark read. Why was this? We find that at this time in London a madman was murdering young women and stuffing their hair into their mouths...known as 'The man of Crows.' We find that Catherine Sorgeiul who was now nineteen, had been a orphan, has now been taken up by her uncle and she is becoming crazed about the 'Man of Crows' who was a serial killer who had been targeting young women. "London's East End is running scared and anyone could be the next victim. Women are told to stay off the streets and not to go anywhere at night, especially not alone" however, we see that Catherine does not abide by this advice. We find that she wonders the streets trying to find a clue to these identity of the murderer. Catherine felt that from her pass...a disturbed person that had lived as a orphaned and even spent time in an asylum thought she understood the "Man of Crows." Why was this
and what does she feel she knows? This will be a captivating read in that you will find this story weaves in and out between Catherines' point of view and with other characters...presenting a tricky read in knowing just what is real and
what is not. This presents the point to whether Catherine is sane, dangerous
or even real. From Catherine's writings, odd things start to happen where she finds that trust doesn't come easy for her. Now, this is where I say to really get all the what, how, where and who of it all you must pick up "The Pleasures of Men" to find out what this author has instore for the reader as we actually find out what had happened to Catherine and her family plus so much more.

What did I think of this read..."The Pleasures of Men" a bit strange read but still enough to hold your interest and attention especially if you are in for a good suspenseful murder mystery... Would I recommend? YES.

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