Thursday, April 11, 2013

A GIFT FOR EMILY by J. P. Galuska_Emilty Stokes Series #2_Review

Review of A Gift for Emily
J. P. Galuska
Emily Stokes #2

In the first book in the series, Emily Stokes’ family (Mom, Dad, younger sister Katie) moved from Topeka to a rural area in Kansas, Silver Lake. Emily had recently had her heart broken by her long-term friend Alex, whose dad had committed suicide and who had developed a significant substance abuse addiction. Still, Emily disparaged the move, until she “met” Sam, a gorgeous boy with whom she fell in love almost immediately. Emily has dreamed for years of that special, romantic “Perfect Kiss,” but Sam can’t give it to her—because Sam is a ghost, deceased in 1936. Ghostly Sam can materialize at times, however, and he is audible to Emily even when invisible. Once her family came to understand that this aspect of the paranormal is real, life went smoothly; until now, when Sam has decided he needs to be a Body Thief. The Grim Reaper is after him, to take Sam’s soul to the bad place, even though Sam has always been one of the “good guys.” If he can possess a body, Sam will be manifest in physical form, and can avoid the scythe-toting meanie. Now, too, Emily has a “secret admirer” who is verging on stalking, sending her flowers, balloons, and greeting cards, calling her “the lovely Emily Stokes.”  She’s starting to become really anxious about it…
If you’re looking for an exciting, fun, smooth, romantic but suspenseful paranormal read, do not miss “A Gift for Emily,” and if you haven’t read the first in the series, “A Kiss for Emily,” well, why don’t you—and soon?

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