Monday, April 15, 2013

MIRROR IMAGE by C. Michael Powers_Review

This review is based on a complimentary e-book copy provided in return for my fair and impartial review.

Review of Mirror Image by C. Michael Powers
5 stars

A delightfully intriguing story, “Mirror Image” captured my attention at the very beginning with its superb reader’s hook, and maintained my interest and intrigue throughout. Author C. Michael Powers deftly explores the inner personality and integrity (or lack of same) in his multitude of characters. He also cleverly illustrates how a chance encounter, or a wish slipping from the tongue without thought, can lead to danger, trouble, even fatality. Very fast-paced action and plotting keep this paranormal urban fantasy rolling on. Think of a boulder rolling downhill in an avalanche and you will get some idea of the pacing and implacability of this story.

Gabe Cutter is bored with his life and he is ready for change, but as of yet he hasn’t developed the impetus or passion to make changes. He wants to introduce his girlfriend and coworker Allie to his folks, but she refuses. Another colleague has been interested in him for years, but is too shy to speak up; and Gabe needs to change careers, but again, his inertia has him in a vise grip. Until—the doppelgangers begin to appear, mirror images who literally live in a land beyond our normal mirrors, entities who as often as not are evil where their real life counterparts are mostly good. When coworker Lisa’s counterpart Ivy enters Gabe’s world, clues him in about his girlfriend’s sneaky infidelity, and irresistibly entices Gabe, life is good for a few hours. But then, Gabe looks in the mirror—and his doppelganger drags him over and switches places with him; and the new dude is really vicious and violent and murdering.

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