Saturday, April 13, 2013


Review of Borrowing My Mother’s Saints by Olga G. Soaje
5 Stars

Although Chick Lit is not my favourite genre, “Borrowing My Mother’s Saints” has a depth and warmth and heartstrings-tugging that kept me interested, intrigued, and enjoying. Julianna (“Julie”) is a Manhattan career girl, eight years in advertising after graduation from NYU, with a “serious relationship” with hard-driving egotistical Michael, and a couple of long-term warm friendships. Julie was raised staunchly Catholic and attended parochial private schools. She fondly remembers her mother’s prayer cards to saints. When something or someone (such as colleague Nancy, who is determined to flow up the career ladder no matter how many others she stomps on) pulls the thread of Julie’s intact life and everything starts to unravel, she begins to remember those saints and to ponder on whom to ask to intercede to fix her life again.

Almost every reader can identify with Julie’s dilemma, and how sometimes it is only when we hit rock bottom that we find a new way out, a new pattern of life, a new path and life purpose. I anticipate future novels from author Olga G. Soaje.

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