Friday, April 12, 2013

THE MEMORY THIEF by Don Donaldson_Review

Review of The Memory Thief by Don Donaldson
5 stars

An engrossing, complex, utterly suspenseful mystery, “The Memory Tree” will appeal to readers who like their mysteries with a lot of meat on the bones. Marti Segerson, psychiatrist, arranges to be hired at a mental institution in rural Tennessee, precisely in order to get close to Vernon Odessa, the killer who slaughtered Marti’s older sister Lee when Marti was just a child. Marti has to go through and around Administrator Oren Quinn, a scientist who is sociopathic enough to be committed himself, and who is quite possibly performing memory experiments which would be both illegal and unethical, utilizing the patients at Gibson.

Convoluted but never confusing, suspenseful and emotional, “The Memory Thief” is a rereader, and a fine introduction to the novels of Don Donaldson, an accomplished and riveting writer.

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