Monday, May 6, 2013

An Honest Mistake By: Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

Author: Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Published by: A.L.A.
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"A Honest Mistake" by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne was somewhat humorous.
I read this one twice because I wanted to see if I missed something.

The story went like this from the author:

"Two sisters Heather and Sara Donavan are happily preparing for the holidays. With both of their parents gone for the afternoon to complete some shopping, the sisters are wrapping gifts, listening to music, eating treats and playing with their adorable new puppy named Daley. Soon, Heather and Sara's holiday celebration is interrupted by the arrival of their obnoxious older brother named Oliver."

Ok, this brother comes home and gets on his sisters about feeding the dog cookies...he failed to listen to his sisters and grabbed the doggie biscuits he thought was cookies and began eating...He was eating dog biscuits. Now, to me that was the humorous part. It seems like this brother, Oliver is always trying to get one over on his sisters... but they got him this time. And he was still going to tell Mom! Big Baby! Now, to me this was funny! He now wanted 'Pepto Bismol.' Wasn't Oliver noted for eating " mustard, pickle, hot
dogs, pizza tart, green tomato, cow tongue, blue cheese and chard sandwiches with horseradish and a Red Bull for a chaster?" So, what was up with him acting up over eating doggy biscuits? Maybe warm milk will do it. You think?

You must pick this read up and see how this author gives the reader a short humorous tale...wasn't this "An Honest Mistake?" I thought "A Honest Mistake" was funnyespecially the part about that brother. Would I recommend as a humorous short story? ...somewhat, Yes, Oliver is indeed a big baby and
had been busted by this sisters and he wants to tell his mom... To me that part was funny!

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