Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dead Anyway by Chris Knopf

This book is written in a strangely dry but engrossing style that takes you in bit by bit.  My intrigue with the story grew with the intrigue in the story, making it difficult to put the book down.  The bizarre chain of events, seemingly told to you by a long lost friend, take you from a regular life into the underworld. You follow the story step by step as told by a man with a mathematical mind, or OCD if you like.  It does not make you sweat so much as it makes you want to know more all the time.  The pace is perfect, nothing too drawn out and no surprise bombs, logic following step by step as this man's life gets stranger and stranger and his skills give him access to very close knit parts of society, from the mob to the elite.  HIs own transformation is very subtle and almost unnoticed, but you get to like him more and more.  A perfectly "built" story, I highly recommend this read.  

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