Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Girl Upstairs By Maree Caleste

Title: The Girl Upstairs
Author:  Maree Caleste
Publisher:  Libertine Press/GMTA Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena  Dean
Genre: Gothic Erotica
Rating: 4

"The Girl Upstairs" by Maree Caleste....

"Michael is an average, unassuming sort of fellow no one would especially take any notice of. He works hard at his dead-end office job and goes home alone to a shared house filled with eccentric oddities all of whom have far more exciting lives than him. Each night he is forced to listen to the passionate, tumultuous and often thunderous exploits of the girl upstairs.

Crystal lives directly above Michael. She is a Gothic vixen; a nymphomaniac. She is quite possibly the most incredible girl he has ever seen and he ‘fancies the pants off her’, except Crystal seems oblivious to Michael and his lustrous desires. Michael cannot escape her sordid escapades and is often close enough to hear every groan and whimper. But if he can’t have her is it enough to hear her ‘being had’?"

What I Understood from this novel....

"The Girl Upstairs"  was simply that...'The Girl Upstairs.'  When I first started reading this novel I kept wondering ...what it the world was going on...sex...sex and more sex?  Was everyone having sex but Michael and was he feeling left out? Then the question that came to my mind was ...why was that?  Was there something wrong with Michael?   As I continued on reading  I began to see...I think what this author was trying to convey to the reader in the end ...taking the long way around to it that Michael  has possibility found the girl and guess where she was found.... upstairs. However, we will see that it wasn't who Michael had longed for. 

It seemed like....from quote:

"He spent every piece of energy he had, every fibre in his body and every breath he passed trying to figure out how to get Natalie to love him and how to get Crystal to notice him."

When it was all said and done Michael had finally found someone "who was happy to sit and talk with him."  Yes, she was there....all the time...with her "extravagant tattoo printed on her lower back that did not seem in keeping with her outward appearance; a tribal design of unknown  origin surrounded in what he assumed were  floating skulls and crystals."  ...and guess what she really loved talking to Michael.

I will say this was a different kind of  'gothic erotica' read for me to read but if you read it to the end   ....you will be  able to understand it and yet I still was lead to say...poor Michael!   I found the characters all a very interesting group of people ...from Michael, Crystal, Natalie, Kimberly, Wayne, Valerie, David Rachel, Suki, Anton, Graham, John to  Bernie all simply leaving you saying wow!   From all of the above I would have to say in the end it was quite a  interesting read. 

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