Monday, July 20, 2015

"The Unicorn" by Miguel Lopez de Leon (Ravenswood Review by Kitty Honeycutt)

“The Unicorn” by Miguel Lopez de Leon is an extraordinary novella written in such a way as to incorporate modern fairytale magic into a contemporary story of a family struggling with real life problems. I won a copy of this book off of Goodreads and I am very pleased that I did. I truly enjoyed the way the author blended the magic of the fairy realm with the nuances of the perfect life and how things shifted dramatically when that life began to go bad and problems were introduced. The story was very reminiscent of how a good life can be almost like a fairytale and then one slip in the dynamic of things can cause that feel-good world to tumble down around you.

What was really important is how the book dealt with real problems in marriage, problems with depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies and how family problems between the adults can have a dramatic affect on the children no matter what the age. I was the same age as the twins in this story when my parents divorced and oddly enough, my mother was delusional and had severe mental issues before and after the relationship ended. With only a slight bit of differences this story brought back memories of how it felt to go through this terrible time and how my own life had been much like the twins; perfect, and almost surreal. You feel that nothing can happen, nothing bad can ever take away your seemingly perfect life. I feel that many teens would enjoy this book and even some adults.

A great read and an even greater moralistic and valuable insight. I truly loved it.


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