Sunday, August 2, 2015

True Love or Passionate Infatuation? ("The Forbidden Man" by Elle Wright) Review by Kitty Honeycutt

  While I really enjoyed the storyline overall, I didn't feel the 'so called' love between Sydney and Morgan. Their entire relationship seemed all about sex and they had a lot of it. Also, for Sydney having been a rape victim at a young age I wouldn't have thought she'd have cared much about that. I do have to say that the scenes were well-written and written tastefully though. 

  I did like the theme of the book, the woman scorned for the last time, ready to take her life in her hands and leave Den once and for all. She showed strength and intelligence and I always love that in a good heroine in any book. I just feel as though what Sydney and Morgan had was more an infatuation than anything else, though as the book went on and I learned more about their history I could see that growing into much more.

  There were some parts of the story that I felt were forced, as though the author was trying to fill in enough to make the book longer. There were some flagging moments of dialogue that I feel could have been ramped up a bit and I would have loved to see much more interaction between Sydney and her girlfriends as she confided in them. I also would have loved to see more interaction with Syd and Den so we could have gotten a full feeling of his mental issues and how potentially dangerous he was where Syd was concerned. The whole idea of the toxicity of their past was interesting to me and I would have liked to see more of that played out in the story. 

  I did truly enjoy the book though, and will be reading more by Elle Wright in the future. She has a great writing style, the flow was good overall, and her craft is well-honed. This book was sent to me for an honest review, and I give it a full four Ravens! Well done Elle Wright, well done! :)

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