Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Teen Frankenstein" by Chandler Baker (Ravenswood Review)

I recently finished Chandler Baker's book "Teen Frankenstein" and I must say it was quite an interesting read. What I really loved about the book was the way the scientific explanations were woven in with the story. At the beginning of each chapter you get a glimpse inside the mind of the main character, Victoria, Tor, or Torantula Frankenstein (she has many names, some of which are given to her by friends and foes alike) and exactly how her brilliant yet somewhat macabre mind works. 

Victoria Frankenstein is a wonderfully interesting, yet flawed character which I love. She's not your typical teenager in most senses and yet she is still very much held hostage by the emotions of all teens as they go through high school life. What makes the story even more interesting is there is a two-fold scenario, one which focuses on the 'boy' Adam, that she has brought back to life after a horrible accident involving her car, and the other is a mysterious 'who dunnit' serial killer crime spree that has you second guessing the entire way through. 

This book is enjoyable for many reason, the interwoven stories, the typical high school drama life, and the overall excitement of finding out who the killer of Hollow Pines truly is. It's mixed with plenty of humor that gives just enough comic relief to keep you from getting too overwhelmed with the overall plot and macabre setting. 

I give this book a strong 4 Ravens and I'll be looking for more books by Chandler Baker in what I hope to be, the near future!

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