Monday, April 25, 2016

"Dinosaurs From Head to Tail" by Stacey Roderick

  Loved, loved, loved this book! Even though most children's books are hard not to give full ratings to, there have been some for me that fell short. I have a certain criteria for children's books. (1) They must be engaging and easy to read. (2) They must have educational or moralistic value to some degree. (3) They must have illustrations that inspire imagination.

  This book had it all. I loved the descriptions of the dinosaurs, they were short, to the point and interesting. The illustrations were fun and so well put together using a combination of fabrics, paper and natural resources. I just love that kind of creativeness. What really made me happy was to see more dinosaurs add to the end with more short descriptions to entice children to do research on their favorites.

  This is one of the best books for this age group that I've ever seen! An easy 5 Ravens! 

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