Monday, April 25, 2016

"The Curse of Crow Hollow" by Billy Coffey

  The "Blair Witch" ain't got nothing on Alvaretta Graves! I've always enjoyed stories steeped in folklore and when they come from a small mountain town it just makes them that much better. Billy Coffey has easily slid onto the list of my all time favorite authors with this amazing tale. I truly loved the way the story was written as if an old man meets a stranger new to the town and wants them to understand just exactly what they've walked into. 

  Riddled with mystery, thrills, excitement, and intrigue; this book will keep you guessing right on to the end. What exactly does Alvaretta have hiding in her home beyond the mines and what's the truth behind the death of her beloved husband, Stu Graves? 

  Reading this around Halloween just makes it that much better and I highly recommend reading it at night. Immerse yourself fully in the town of Crow Hollow, become one of them and see if you can figure out the secrets before the curse takes hold fully. 

  This novel receives a full 5 Raven Rating!

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