Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Behind Closed Doors" by B A Paris (Ravenswood Review)

  Good Gracious! Where to start? I believe this is by far one of the best, yet most disturbing suspense/thriller novels I have ever read. The sheer horror of what poor Grace endures is enough to make any woman second guess ever getting married no matter how wonderful the man may see. I couldn't help but cry with her in frustration as her despair was so very palpable you felt as if you were going through it yourself. The author did an amazing job of dragging the reader along with the heroine, making us feel every experience she suffered as though we were indeed walking in Grace's shoes. 

  I could not put this book down no matter how badly I wanted to at times, if for no other reason than to catch my breath and try desperately to help figure out a way to get Grace out of her predicament. I almost felt as if I had to help her in some way even though I knew there was no way to do so, of course. I found myself screaming at her to do something, even though every attempt she made seemed to fail horribly. I raged at the antagonist and never have I wanted to cause harm to anyone so badly in my life. 

  If you have not read this novel, you definitely need to. As horrifying as this scenario is, I can't help but know that there are women out there that have likely experienced very similar situations and my heart goes out to them. I believe this novel is a great tale that would make anyone second guess the true nature of some people and what they are really capable of. 

  What is truly amazing is the twists that comes at the end and the finale that you would never guess. I gave this book 5 Ravens all the way! I do hope to read more from the author in the near future. 

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