Monday, April 25, 2016

"Watching, and Other Stories" by Margaret Holbrook

  I have always enjoyed the occasional anthology, though like many readers I usually choose them by a specific genre such as horror, romance, or science fiction; I found Margaret Holbrook's anthology of various genre related stories, quite refreshing. Her writing style is both unique and interesting and she has a flair that is all her own. 

  Every story was unique, some sad, some mysterious, and some quite dark in nature. My personal favorite was "Reflections of Murder" which was quite the mystery that left you guessing the entire way through. Margaret Holbrook has quite the talent for mystery writing and I'd love to read more from her in that particular genre.

  Overall, this book is definitely one with something to appeal to all readers. I would highly recommend snapping this one up for a light, quick read. 5 Ravens all the way! 

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