Monday, April 25, 2016

"The Night Parade" by Johnny Depalma (Illustrations by Kyle Brown)

  I could easily see this book becoming a children's bedtime classic. While the prose was much like that of the legendary Dr. Seuss, the story reminded me a bit of a Neil Gaiman or Tim Burton creation.

  There was the light of the collected and protected dreams and the dark of nightmares and I really loved the way the author set up the story of how the good ones can always come back again.

  The illustrations were beautifully done, especially for a first attempt at a children's book. I loved the whimsical feel to them and the magpie poem at the beginning was an extremely nice touch.

  My 15 year-old daughter even enjoyed the book though it's for a much younger age group. I give this wonderful book a firm 5 Ravens. I will be looking for more of Mr. Depalma's work as well as that of his illustrator, Kyle Brown.

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